Which schools were on the Phase I Bond in 2002 and the Phase II Bond in 2008?

      2002 Bond included:

  • Elementary Schools: Phantom Lake, Lake Hills, Medina, Woodridge, Sherwood Forest, Newport Heights, Eastgate
  • High Schools: Interlake, Newport, and upgrades to Sammamish and International School


      2008 Bond included:

  • Elementary Schools: Ardmore, Spiritridge, Cherry Crest,
  • Middle Schools: Tyee, Chinook,  Odle, Tillicum
  • High Schools: Bellevue, Sammamish


Which Schools will be included in the 2014 Phase III Capital Construction Bond?

      2014 Bond will include:

  • Elementary Schools: Bennett, Clyde Hill, Enatai, Puesta Del Sol, Stevenson, plus two new Elementary schools for added population growth.
  • Middle Schools: Highland
  • Renovations to Big Picture School and International School
  • Permanent classrooms added at Newport High School and Woodridge Elementary


How many measures are there?

     There will be three measures on the 2014 February Ballot for our schools.

  1. Education Programs and Operations Levy
  2. Technology and Capital Projects Levy
  3. Capital Construction Bond (Phase III to continue to rebuild our schools)


Why a Bond now?

  • Keep the districts building modernization program moving forward;
  • Capitalize on the districts successful experiences in completing high-quality projects on time and on budget;
  • Ensure low tax rates


Will school boundary lines be adjusted?

There are no plans to adjust school boundary lines at this time.  If a new school (i.e., a school that does not exist today) is constructed there may be some adjustments in local school boundaries.  If this is the case, parents and community members of the impacted schools will be involved in the process before decisions are finalized.


Why are new school buildings already over capacity in some areas?

     The City of Bellevue is growing.  School sizes are impacted by:

  • Lot Size
  • City conditional use permits
  • Grade levels (elementary, middle, and high), and
  • Current and projected enrollment


In addition, school planning must also provide space for special programs such as early learning, special education services, and gifted programming.  Ultimately, it is the continued growth of the community that is impacting school enrollment.


When will the New School building schedule be decided and how will this be decided?

     The building schedule is decided by the School Board and is based on:

  • the condition of the current facility, and
  • enrollment and classroom needs at the 


     This decision will be made later this year.


How do I know the district has been accountable for the prudent use of my tax dollars?

The Bellevue School District continues to be and is committed to transparency with respect to its budget and spending.  Following is the breakdown of District spending in 2013/2014 school year:

60.4% Spent on teaching our students
10.8% Spent on supporting our students (counselors, librarians, health services)
5.0% Spent on maintaining our buildings and fields for our students
4.3% Spent on school building leadership and offices
2.7% Spent on transporting our students
2.5% Spent on feeding our students
2.6% Spent heating and cooling buildings for our students
2.6% Spent on technology for our students
1.9% Spent on community services for our students & community


Where will the two new Elementary Schools be located?

     Placement is dependent on:

  • Areas of enrollment growth
  • Site availability
  • Community input


     The School Board will make this decision closer to the start of construction for these schools.


Where did the additional $7.9 additional state funding get allocated?

The majority of the additional state funding the BSD will receive this year has been allocated to restore previous budget cuts, including 1.9% salary cut for teachers and returning a number of certificated positions.  Restoration of these cuts is important, but does not come close to providing Bellevue students with the tools and support they need to be successful.  Bellevue students will need more than state-provided dollars can stretch to cover.


What is the philosophy behind the design of the new schools?

All new schools contain the same standard amenities: uniform classroom sizes, increased safety and security through limited access to the school from the outside; technology upgrades to 21st century standards; energy efficiency; cafeteria’s; gyms; safe student pick up and drop off; and space for additional programs, such as science, that have been and are being developed.


What can you tell us to demonstrate students are learning?

In the April 2013 US News and World Report’s Best High Schools List (based on their examination of  21,035 public High schools);  with International School in the 9th spot, Newport in the 91st spot, Bellevue High in the 125th spot and Interlake in the 282.  These are all called Gold Medal Schools.  Our High schools have been on Newsweeks top US schools list since 2003.

International High School is ranked #1 in Washington State followed closely by Newport at #3, Bellevue #4 and Interlake at #8.

More information can be found at: http://www.usnews.com/education/best-high-schools/national-rankings


How do my school tax rates (Bonds and Levies combined) compare to rates in other school districts?

Currently the average tax is $3.25 per $1,000 (see comparisons below to other districts).  As of October 2013, the forecasted annual increase in tax bills over the next 5 years is an average of $4.00 per $1,000.

District Ed Prog Tech/Cap Bonds Total
Tacoma $4.88 $1.23 $1.82 $7.93
Federal Way $4.48 $1.46 $1.61 $7.55
Auburn $3.96 $0.50 $2.16 $6.62
Everett $3.61 $0.67 $2.27 $6.55
Edmonds $2.80 $1.71 $1.71 $6.22
Kent $3.85 $0.32 $1.86 $6.03
Shoreline $2.91 $0.39 $2.57 $5.87
Highline $3.81   $1.90 $5.71
Renton $2.49 $0.56 $2.31 $5.36
Northshore $2.51 $0.33 $2.51 $5.30
Issaquah $2.17 $0.65 $1.92 $4.74
Lake Washington $1.66 $0.97 $1.11 $3.75
Bellevue $1.32 $0.46 $1.47 $3.25
Mercer Island $1.52 $0.57 $0.57 $2.66
Seattle $1.36 $0.38 $0.70 $2.45